Lost Pyramids Found from Space

This is amazing!


Using satellite technology, archeologists have found at least 17 pyramids, 1,000 tombs, and 3,000 ancient settlements.  I love technology!

The BBC made a documentary about Parcak’s work called “Egypt’s Lost Cities”, which is due to be shown in Britain on May 30.

Ancient City of Tanis-Where's Indy?




Seriously, this is a fun thing for me.  I love watching the dances and yes, I cry when the performances are amazing.

This season’s cast was so evenly matched that at week 5, you were sorry to see people go!

It’s down to three people fighting for the mirror ball tonight:

I’m a team G-MAKS fan, myself, but have enjoyed absolutely every dance these three have put out the last few weeks.

Check out this article about the final three from Associated Press:  Article from AP.  Kirstie’s dress worn in the opening sequence 10 weeks ago had to be taken in 38 INCHES in order for her to wear it again tonight!!  WAY TO GO, KIRSTIE!!

My predictions:

Third Place:  Chelsea Kane

Second Place: Kirstie Alley

First Place: Hines Ward

I want Kirstie to win, though it’s anyone’s guess at this point!  GOOD LUCK!

UPDATE 5-25-11:  I called it on the nose!  Hines Ward takes home the mirror ball, Kirstie in second, and Chelsea third.  =)  Whew!  What a great season!  Now, I wonder who they’ll have next season?  Post your wishlist!

God Bless Joplin, Missouri!

Last night, a three-vortex, EF4 tornado tore a mile-wide, six-mile long swath of destruction through Joplin, MO, a town that’s about 280 miles from St. Louis.

As of this morning, 89 people are confirmed dead and many missing.  The hospital was in the direct path of the tornado and lost most of the entire top floor of the building along with devastating damage.

Here is a slideshow of the devastation:  Joplin, MO 5-23-11.  The hospital was horribly damaged.  Five patients and one visitor are confirmed dead.

Send prayers, thoughts, energy-whatever you wish to send-to Joplin’s residents.  They’re getting hit again this morning with severe thunderstorms, hail, and rain.

After you’re done praying, if you want to do more, here are some links:

American Red Cross – Money, energy, and blood donations. You can make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999.  Standard data rates may apply.

Salvation Army – Money, energy, food donations.  You can make a $10 donation by texting ARMY to 90999.  Standard data rates may apply.

God Bless Joplin, MO.

Peace, J.

UPDATE:  Death toll is now 117 and rising.  This is the most destructive tornado to hit one town in the US since 1953.  More storms today.

UPDATE: 5-25:  Death toll over 120.  More tornadoes expected again today.

The Hat that Wouldn’t Die

The Royal Wedding was fun.  I love that kind of thing.  I know that a lot of people were tired of it and had a lot of fun critiquing clothes, wedding dress, pomp and circumstance, etc., but I really liked it.  I watched Diana and Charles’ day, too.

One of the fun things about the Brits is their penchant for hats.

But seriously.

This hat, worn by Princess Beatrice, was just about the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen and now it’s on auction.  The bid is up to $120,000, with proceeds going to UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

My great hope is that the person that purchases this hat will show the destruction of the hat (for the good of mankind).

The world is a crazy place.

Peace, J

UPDATE:  Final purchase price: $130,000.

Fun Church Sign

I like signs.

Most people’s command of the English (read American English) language is mediocre.  I’m a big person for using the right words to express things.  It seems to be a constant struggle for a lot of people, though.

I DO like church signs.  These are some of the most creative signs around.

Yesterday, I was driving home from work, pondering a page on this blog dedicated to license plates (random, I know) and I passed a little Baptist church that had this on their sign out front:

The Bible:  The First Text Message.

I thought it was fun.

Peace, Jeni

Nice Knowing You!

Well, here it is at last!  Thanks to the revelation from a complicated, bible-based, mathematical equation, we now know that the world will enter the beginning of “the end” tomorrow.  (There will be five months of upheaval for those of us remaining behind.)

For those of you wondering, here’s the equation:

“The equation he came up with is a self-made formula of numbers derived from a series of significant religious events – the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, Jesus’ order to “flee into the mountains” in Matthew 24, and the jubilee year of 1994.

 The number five, says Camping, represents atonement.

10 represents completeness.

17 represents heaven.

 “A genius could not understand this,” he said, “because God has to open your mind to allow you to understand this.”

 In Fitzpatrick’s book, Camping argues that the Bible is filled with special meaning.

 Using the three numbers, if you multiply atonement, completeness and heaven, and then, multiply the sum by itself again, you end up with 722,500 i.e. (5 x 10 x 17) x (5 x 10 x 17) = 722,500.

 If you add the number of days on from the crucifixion, you arrive at, at least in Camping’s view, May 21, 2011, the day of the end of the world.

 Simply really.”  

Link to the article.

Personal opinion:  This is the third time he’s said this and I’m pretty sure he’ll be wrong this time, too.  If not, well, not much I can do about it, except use the next 5 months to get as safe as I can and maybe survive the earth’s disasters.

What are you going to do with your remaining time?

Entirely happy to know you!  (Just in case 😉 )




Well, here I am.

I am just thinking that Facebook isn’t big enough for all my thoughts.

My friends describe me as a Bleeding Heart Liberal.  I’m probably a heretic.  I’m nice, though, and that should count for something!

In all honesty, I’m just one person with one way of thinking.  I like all thoughts and people and enjoy a great conversation (debate).

I do expect a couple of things from anyone that actually follows this.

  1. Comment if you disagree or if you agree.
  2. Be nice.  I respect you and your opinions, please grant me and my followers the same courtesy.  Plus, you’ll be taken more seriously if you refrain from being petty. 🙂
  3. Have fun!
Let’s see what happens!