The Hat that Wouldn’t Die

The Royal Wedding was fun.  I love that kind of thing.  I know that a lot of people were tired of it and had a lot of fun critiquing clothes, wedding dress, pomp and circumstance, etc., but I really liked it.  I watched Diana and Charles’ day, too.

One of the fun things about the Brits is their penchant for hats.

But seriously.

This hat, worn by Princess Beatrice, was just about the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen and now it’s on auction.  The bid is up to $120,000, with proceeds going to UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

My great hope is that the person that purchases this hat will show the destruction of the hat (for the good of mankind).

The world is a crazy place.

Peace, J

UPDATE:  Final purchase price: $130,000.


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