Seriously, this is a fun thing for me.  I love watching the dances and yes, I cry when the performances are amazing.

This season’s cast was so evenly matched that at week 5, you were sorry to see people go!

It’s down to three people fighting for the mirror ball tonight:

I’m a team G-MAKS fan, myself, but have enjoyed absolutely every dance these three have put out the last few weeks.

Check out this article about the final three from Associated Press:  Article from AP.  Kirstie’s dress worn in the opening sequence 10 weeks ago had to be taken in 38 INCHES in order for her to wear it again tonight!!  WAY TO GO, KIRSTIE!!

My predictions:

Third Place:  Chelsea Kane

Second Place: Kirstie Alley

First Place: Hines Ward

I want Kirstie to win, though it’s anyone’s guess at this point!  GOOD LUCK!

UPDATE 5-25-11:  I called it on the nose!  Hines Ward takes home the mirror ball, Kirstie in second, and Chelsea third.  =)  Whew!  What a great season!  Now, I wonder who they’ll have next season?  Post your wishlist!


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