New things to see on this blog

Just a little note to point out a couple of new pages I’m working on.

Being Emily – Being Emily is a new book by Rachel Gold about a transgendered teen named Christopher, who really just wants to be Emily.  A heart wrenching journey as we watch Emily’s relationships with her family and friends and travel with her throughout her transition.  MUST READ!  This is a book for everyone!

Grandma Masile’s Recipe Box – Still a work in progress and it will be slow.  I’ve put the index up so you can get a little idea about what I’m going to be including.  I will be adding a page with your recipes if you’ll share!

Witnessing Small in a Big World – This is my practical guide to learning how to witness to others by starting small.  I’m also still working on this and am desirous of feedback and ideas.

Prayer List – I wanted a page where people could leave names and concerns for other people to hold up in their prayers.



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