Vagina is a 6 Letter Word « Margaret and Helen

Vagina is a 6 Letter Word « Margaret and Helen.

In light of the banning of two female representatives from speaking on the house floor due to using the anatomically correct term “vagina,” I am thrilled beyond measure to read this blog written by an octogenarian.

If you can’t stand to even hear the word, gentlemen, don’t tell us what to do with ours.



Between now and July 4th, find three ways to eliminate the disabilities you give to others.

For example:  If you are always doing things for someone and not letting them try themselves, you may be disabling them.

If you are choosing restaurants to visit with friends that are blind, but the restaurants do not provide menus in braille, you are supporting a business that is disabling your friend.

If you think someone does not understand your thoughts and you don’t try to find a way to make your thoughts known to them, you are disabling them.

If you dismiss someone because they aren’t “cool,” you are disabling them.

Don’t be a dis-abler!  Tell me your stories below!  Peace, J.

Disabilities – It’s How You Look At It.

Last week, I had a startling revelation thanks to a good friend of mine.

As a sociologist, this friend always has amazing insight into people that just makes me grin with glee.  This week was no exception.

We were discussing some social differences between America and Europe/Asia.

She says at one point “In America, if someone is blind, or deaf, or in a wheelchair, we refer to them as having a disability.  In Europe, they believe someone is only disabled if they are not provided everything they need to function.”

I was pretty blown away.

If you don’t have a ramp, you are disabling someone in a wheelchair.  If you don’t provide braille or headphones, you are disabling the blind and hard of hearing.

How many times do you disable someone?  I am deeply ashamed to realize I disable people all the time.

Something to ponder and a great opportunity to improve humanity.