Disabilities – It’s How You Look At It.

Last week, I had a startling revelation thanks to a good friend of mine.

As a sociologist, this friend always has amazing insight into people that just makes me grin with glee.  This week was no exception.

We were discussing some social differences between America and Europe/Asia.

She says at one point “In America, if someone is blind, or deaf, or in a wheelchair, we refer to them as having a disability.  In Europe, they believe someone is only disabled if they are not provided everything they need to function.”

I was pretty blown away.

If you don’t have a ramp, you are disabling someone in a wheelchair.  If you don’t provide braille or headphones, you are disabling the blind and hard of hearing.

How many times do you disable someone?  I am deeply ashamed to realize I disable people all the time.

Something to ponder and a great opportunity to improve humanity.


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