What I’ve Learned This Election

  • Parties need to be abolished-immediately.
  • Fact-checkers are called that for a reason.  They check facts.  Facts are indisputable and cannot be lied away, no matter how many times you say they aren’t true or deny their existence.
  • Religion should never be a reason for running for President and should never be a reason for oppressing any demographic.  Leave religion in your home when you come to Washington D.C., please.
  • American people just want a chance, not a lecture and certainly not a brush-off.  Over 47% of us voted for President Obama.  Including folks in the military.
  • This country isn’t made up of Quakers and Pilgrims any longer.
  • My womb is magical and deeply fascinating and mysterious to old, white, Republican politicians.
  • We are a country that sees these things as non-threatening: same-gender marriage, pot, and women.
  • We are a country with folks who still see these things as very threatening to the point of crippling their thought process: same-gender marriage, pot, and women.

Thank goodness it’s over.  Congratulations, Mr. President.

Bonus thought: My ideal 2016 Presidential ticket would be Elizabeth Warren/Hilary Clinton.