Bad Hair Processing Gone Bad…

Bad Hair Processing Gone Bad...

This week has been adventuresome, to say the least. I can say with great authority: Anyone facing chemotherapy where you may lose your hair–buzz it before you even start. It’s horrific to watch your hair come out in clumps. It’s just horrific. I had a processing mishap and watched my hair fall out until three or four dangling strips remained. I got out the clippers and buzzed it off. It’s liberating, really, and I recommend the ladies try it at least once in their life. At least my Halloween costume is pre-made. Ripley, anyone?


Three Day Novel Contest – My nails are gone

I participated in the International Three-Day Novel Contest this past Labor Day weekend.  Three days of (nearly) uninterrupted writing to create an original first draft of an entire novel.  My novel draft was 28,000 words. As a first attempt, I’m feeling pretty good about that offering.  I learned a few things that will make this year’s contest easier.

I chose to write a dystopian young adult book about vampires and humans in a post-apocalyptic world.  I know, it’s been done to death by now, but it’s also a compelling genre and the books that are of the same type are still selling, so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring.

So, I sent off Evolution and I am currently working on the edits for that as well as an initial outline for the sequel.  Yes, I’m planning a trilogy.  The odds are that if I create a third book, twice the size of either of the first two, J.J. Abrams will direct both movies they make from the last book. 

Plan big or go home, right?

What I’ve Learned This Election

  • Parties need to be abolished-immediately.
  • Fact-checkers are called that for a reason.  They check facts.  Facts are indisputable and cannot be lied away, no matter how many times you say they aren’t true or deny their existence.
  • Religion should never be a reason for running for President and should never be a reason for oppressing any demographic.  Leave religion in your home when you come to Washington D.C., please.
  • American people just want a chance, not a lecture and certainly not a brush-off.  Over 47% of us voted for President Obama.  Including folks in the military.
  • This country isn’t made up of Quakers and Pilgrims any longer.
  • My womb is magical and deeply fascinating and mysterious to old, white, Republican politicians.
  • We are a country that sees these things as non-threatening: same-gender marriage, pot, and women.
  • We are a country with folks who still see these things as very threatening to the point of crippling their thought process: same-gender marriage, pot, and women.

Thank goodness it’s over.  Congratulations, Mr. President.

Bonus thought: My ideal 2016 Presidential ticket would be Elizabeth Warren/Hilary Clinton.