My Favorite Shows

These are my favorite shows.

The Big Bang Theory – While it’s been around for five seasons, I’ve just discovered this hilarious ensemble show.  Brilliant and nerdy and socially awkward and I cannot stop laughing!

Dexter   – There may still be time for you to catch up on Seasons 1-6 on Netflix before the season seven premier in October.  Highly Recommended.  Fave season: Four.

True Blood – Season Four now in full swing. Episode 3 on Sunday!

Boardwalk Empire – Do not be deceived. This is based on true events and most true events don’t include car chases and shoot-em-ups.  It’s laid back, but compelling.

The Borgias –  Based on Alexandre Dumas’ 17th century novel.  Yes, it is a true account.  This is how things were back then.  Love it.

The Big “C” – Cathy has cancer.  Melanoma that is stage 4.  In season one (summer), we watch her decide to embrace her last year flippantly and poignantly.  In season three (winter), we watch her fight turn from a period to an ellipsis…  I love this show and no, it’s not depressing.  I lost my dad to multiple cancers and I think he would LOVE this show.  Try it, you may just like it!

Shameless – if ever a dysfunctional family seemed normal, this is the family.  An Americanized version of the British show, follow the antics of this bizarre and strangely lovable family.

Dancing With The Stars – I like this show for my own reasons. It just makes me happy to see people with poor dancing skills succeed, even if they are eliminated.  Makes me want to take a class.

Deadliest Catch – Crab fisherman in the North Atlantic.  Cheers and tears, danger and fun.  I just like this reality show.

Whale Wars – Watch as these animal rights activists track down the Nisshin Maru in an effort to stop their “Scientific Research” that slaughters whales right on board.

Torchwood: Miracle Day –  A spin off from the BBC Dr. Who Series, this Starz Original series version is called Miracle Day.  One day, nobody dies, but they get sick and can be injured and get older.  Watch what happens next!  Features Jack Harkness from the Dr. Who series.  Hopefully, a new season will be coming!!


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