Between now and July 4th, find three ways to eliminate the disabilities you give to others.

For example:  If you are always doing things for someone and not letting them try themselves, you may be disabling them.

If you are choosing restaurants to visit with friends that are blind, but the restaurants do not provide menus in braille, you are supporting a business that is disabling your friend.

If you think someone does not understand your thoughts and you don’t try to find a way to make your thoughts known to them, you are disabling them.

If you dismiss someone because they aren’t “cool,” you are disabling them.

Don’t be a dis-abler!  Tell me your stories below!  Peace, J.


Disabilities – It’s How You Look At It.

Last week, I had a startling revelation thanks to a good friend of mine.

As a sociologist, this friend always has amazing insight into people that just makes me grin with glee.  This week was no exception.

We were discussing some social differences between America and Europe/Asia.

She says at one point “In America, if someone is blind, or deaf, or in a wheelchair, we refer to them as having a disability.  In Europe, they believe someone is only disabled if they are not provided everything they need to function.”

I was pretty blown away.

If you don’t have a ramp, you are disabling someone in a wheelchair.  If you don’t provide braille or headphones, you are disabling the blind and hard of hearing.

How many times do you disable someone?  I am deeply ashamed to realize I disable people all the time.

Something to ponder and a great opportunity to improve humanity.

New things to see on this blog

Just a little note to point out a couple of new pages I’m working on.

Being Emily – Being Emily is a new book by Rachel Gold about a transgendered teen named Christopher, who really just wants to be Emily.  A heart wrenching journey as we watch Emily’s relationships with her family and friends and travel with her throughout her transition.  MUST READ!  This is a book for everyone!

Grandma Masile’s Recipe Box – Still a work in progress and it will be slow.  I’ve put the index up so you can get a little idea about what I’m going to be including.  I will be adding a page with your recipes if you’ll share!

Witnessing Small in a Big World – This is my practical guide to learning how to witness to others by starting small.  I’m also still working on this and am desirous of feedback and ideas.

Prayer List – I wanted a page where people could leave names and concerns for other people to hold up in their prayers.


I don’t need to be saved.

I don’t want to be saved by you.  I don’t need to be saved.

If I say anything that you don’t believe in, it doesn’t mean I am wrong, insane, heretical, or ignorant.  It doesn’t make me a sinner that needs the blow of your bible upside the head to be straightened out.

I am just as important in the scheme of things as you.

I am allowed to state my views without being harassed, harangued, judged, or preached at.

I do not tell you that you are wrong in your beliefs.  I don’t tell you that you should believe as I do.  I don’t expect you to even care what I think.

Why do you tell me:

  • I am wrong?
  • I am a sinner?
  • I am misguided and ignorant?
  • “I know not what I say” and therefore need God’s forgiveness?
  • I should read such-and-such scripture?
  • I should be ashamed and repent?
I may not have your thoughts, upbringing, or beliefs, but I certainly do know one thing-if your views are right, I don’t want to be.  These views are mean and spiteful and overbearingly judgmental.  You hurt me with your accusations that I am a sinner and wrong.  I will never do that to you because I actually believe everyone is valuable and worthy.  Not to mention that it’s not your job to judge me.

In the bible,  along with all those helpful scriptures you would like me to read to save my soul, are the following words of council to God’s people:
  • Love one another as I have loved you.
  • Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.
  • Judge not, lest ye be judged.
  • He who is without sin, cast the first stone.
  • Before removing the mote from your neighbor’s eye, attend to the beam in your own.
I am allowed to explore my understanding of the world and universe around me without being whacked by your bible and overbearing beliefs.  If you don’t like what I say, then don’t listen.  I don’t judge you.  Don’t judge me.

I don’t need to be saved.

If I need to be saved by you, then why did Jesus die for all our sins?  I thought that was the salvation you are preaching to me?  Since when do I have to listen to someone that is close-minded to be saved when Jesus loved me for who I am and what I am?

I don’t need to be saved by you.

If what I say makes you furious because it is different from what you think, then you are the one that has ceased to communicate.  Jesus would have listened to me.  Start practicing what you preach and I’ll start taking you more seriously.

I am interested in exploring beliefs and thoughts with people who can accept that I may have different opinions and viewpoints than they may have and are open to hearing and considering those viewpoints.  I will do the same.  I was raised in a Christian church, but am constantly amazed by people who even refuse to acknowledge that Jesus was a Jew.

Don’t try to save me.  If you want to talk with your mind open, I’ll be happy to share.  If you only want to talk to save the sinner, then go find one.  I don’t need to be saved.

The Fast Food Gold Medal Goes To: Chick-Fil-A!

Remember this scene from Demolition Man?

I have NEVER had as amazing an experience at Taco Bell as I just had at our local Chick-Fil-A.

Kevin has never had Chick-Fil-A. This is strange to me since I think their chicken is really, really amazing.  Therefore, since we have a new CFA about 1/4 mile from out house, I volunteered to fly if he’d buy.

As I pulled into the (extremely clean and well-marked) parking lot, there were two ordering lanes open and I pulled into the shortest line. (For those that are Karma-focused, you know that this not always works out to be the fastest, but merely the shortest.)

Karma was on my side, though, and after approximately 10 seconds, I was pulling up and being greeted by a pleasant greeter over a clear sounding speaker.  Additionally, they knew how to enunciate, which garnered infinite bonus points.  I placed my order and at the end of my order, I was asked, “May I have your name to attach to your order?”  I said, “Jeni,” and her response was, “Thank you, Miss Jeni. We’ll see you at the window with your order.”


I drove up and there was one car in front of me that left by the time I had pulled out my debit card.

As I pulled up, the window greeter was leaning out the window smiling and, before I could say anything, she was handing me my drinks and said, “Hello, Miss Jeni!  Your order is being bagged right now!”  I handed her my card, she swiped it in record speed, handed me my receipt and card, and a second young lady had my order ready and said, “Thank you, Miss Jeni! Enjoy your meal and have a wonderful day!”


I then pulled up about 10 feet and another young lady was under a tent handing out condiments with a huge smile on her face.

I may have mentioned this, but, WOW.

I was there a total of three minutes.

Chick-Fil-A, you are the master of fast food customer service.  You have a great tasting product and you made me feel like a person instead of a sale.

If the scenario presented in Demolition Man ever comes true, Taco Bell will never survive your personal service and great smiles.

Thank you.

Lost Pyramids Found from Space

This is amazing!


Using satellite technology, archeologists have found at least 17 pyramids, 1,000 tombs, and 3,000 ancient settlements.  I love technology!

The BBC made a documentary about Parcak’s work called “Egypt’s Lost Cities”, which is due to be shown in Britain on May 30.

Ancient City of Tanis-Where's Indy?



Seriously, this is a fun thing for me.  I love watching the dances and yes, I cry when the performances are amazing.

This season’s cast was so evenly matched that at week 5, you were sorry to see people go!

It’s down to three people fighting for the mirror ball tonight:

I’m a team G-MAKS fan, myself, but have enjoyed absolutely every dance these three have put out the last few weeks.

Check out this article about the final three from Associated Press:  Article from AP.  Kirstie’s dress worn in the opening sequence 10 weeks ago had to be taken in 38 INCHES in order for her to wear it again tonight!!  WAY TO GO, KIRSTIE!!

My predictions:

Third Place:  Chelsea Kane

Second Place: Kirstie Alley

First Place: Hines Ward

I want Kirstie to win, though it’s anyone’s guess at this point!  GOOD LUCK!

UPDATE 5-25-11:  I called it on the nose!  Hines Ward takes home the mirror ball, Kirstie in second, and Chelsea third.  =)  Whew!  What a great season!  Now, I wonder who they’ll have next season?  Post your wishlist!