Stuff Happens

God does not favor the people that survive disasters more than those who do not.  God set the laws of nature in motion and then left them alone.  What He DID do, is give us the ability to reason, problem-solve, and show compassion.  We have the ability to prepare, survive, and help others.

The way of nature isn’t cruel-it just IS.

The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn is that of Job.  The best lesson I can take away from the story of Job is not the frilly froo-froo parts of the story, but the fact that stuff happens.  It happens to you, it happens to me.  Nothing is because of divine intervention or the lack thereof.   God is a hands-off kind of parent.  He’s the one that lets his kids skin their knees roller skating and burn their fingers on the stove.

We learn from mistakes, trial and error, hurt and pain, disappointment and loss.  Each step brings us closer to our spiritual completeness.

You cannot appreciate the light without knowing the dark.

God loves us enough to let us learn on our own.

Peace, J


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