Witnessing Small in a Big World

Hi there!  I’m on a mission to learn how to witness.  I decided that my gifts don’t lay in witnessing huge, but in the small things.  I really sincerely believe that the small things can be a foundation to opening up the way for larger, more poignant witnessing.  Some of us are the catalyst for huge change, others the prep team.  I can imagine a huge kitchen where all the chefs are cooking.  Who does the prep work for these chefs, though?  I am one of the sous chefs for those of you with larger witnessing skills.

This is my outline.  Please feel free to let me know how the tips inspired or repulsed you.  I’d like to be able to share this so others can feel they, too, can contribute, but don’t feel the calling to huge witnessing.

I’ll be updating as the thoughts come to me.  Updates after today (6-29-11) will be in italics.

Click to see Phase One: Baby Steps


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